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3 Work From Home Playlists to Enhance Your Work

Jacob Wells
3 min readApr 21, 2020


I probably got the most abstract assignment at work today. My boss knows that I DJ in my free time and at the occasional wedding so I was told I should share some playlists that I am currently listening to get me through quarantine. Fine. I like music. Twist my arm. I’ll do it. Whatever…

I’m going to guess you have been listening to some of the same playlists that you have always been listening to but you are getting close to the point where you just can do it anymore. I’m going to also guess that you aren’t listening to the radio. This is not the time for you to hear the 1–800 Cars 4 Kids jingle (haha gotcha).

Here’s what we got


Have a Good Day Playlist — The best way to describe this playlist is a plethora of throwback classics mixed with some new-age feel-good staples. This is a playlist that can mix Elton John and Jack Johnson together without really changing the vibe all that much. If your AirPods are hurting your ears too much, throw this on a speaker, this a playlist even your mom can get behind.

Music for the Workday — The vibe is in the playlist name. These songs aren’t going to take you away from your work. Great to have on in the background. You’re not going to find many radio hits in this playlist. We are talking deep cuts here. Calming. Soothing. Just right for a work from home set-up.

Dance Hits — I’m not going to lie to you, 95% of the time I am listening to dance music. Why? Cause I like to get groovy. I’m all about changing my inputs, if there is a euphoric melody paired with a driving 128 BPM baseline, you best believe I’m pumping out some of my best work. Guess what I’m listening to right now….

Apple Music:

Personally I am an Apple Music guy. Always have been and always will be. So there. Take that, Spotify users!

Home Office DJ -This playlist used to be called “Office DJ” (lol). Way to stay on top of the times Apple. I used to use this playlist all of the time in the office. It has a nice mix of new pop music but also throws in some older classics. The only problem, you are going to start singing along. Hope your family, spouse, or roommates like your singing voice…

Living Room Dance Party- In this playlist we are taking the Home Office DJ playlist and turning it up just a bit more. You might want to use this playlist for one of those mandatory 15-minute breaks that HR tells to take. These are definitely some of the best “get up and get moving” songs of the previous two decades. I mean it’s got “Party In the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus… uh, excuse me, clear the living room!

Dance Pop Hits — Back to dance music we go. I understand that heavy baselines and abstract robot noises aren’t for everyone. So this dance playlists teeters on the edge of Dance and Pop. You get the best of both worlds. For some reason, most of the Apple Music Dance playlists are a little too “aggressive” for even my liking. This one is just right though. FYI -the side effects of this playlist include an occasional sense of euphoria and smiling.

This is normally the point in any article written by a DJ where they ask you to follow them on SoundCloud. That’s too mainstream for me. Instead, I ask you to send along some songs and playlists to friends and co-workers. Music heals all wounds and it will help us get through this time. I hope this was a nice break from all the news and stress in your day. Be healthy and stay groovy!



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