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-An open letter to my friends-

Hey All –

It was a year ago today that I was in my living room surrounded by all of my ~unmasked~ friends smiling, laughing, and having a great time. We were pregaming to go out to one of my favorite clubs in LA to see Oliver Heldens (#ConcertsWereCool). There…

Just another NMF. Some new vibes for you today.

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Mr. Brightside by Don Diablo — This seems to be a common theme recently remixing older tracks. I can get behind anything, Don Diablo. A little surprised, this song doesn’t drop with more emphasis. He incorporates a gorgeous layered melody.

i feel 2 much by blackbear — blackbear has a…

“All I want is to hear your voice again”

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As I have said on this blog before, I am a huge Audien fan. I recently went back through his songs, and I came across Heaven [Lenno Remix].

I do not hear the lyrics on the first couple of passes on a song. I listen mostly for the melody and…

Hits and Highlights from the Week

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What Came Across My Desk This Week

Identical twin sisters announce they are both pregnant with identical twin brothers — hey, to each their own. So, I guess these couples met at a twin event, fell in love, got married together (was filmed for cable TV), live together, and are now…

Let’s Get Groovy Boys and Girls

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I’m going to be honest, apart from a few big hitters, not a super busy New Music Friday. I’m gonna dive right into the new tracks and then there are going to be more tracks that I am currently listening to.

“That New New”

Back in the Day by Mac Miller — The…

We had some awesome interns this summer and I asked them to share their experience!

This summer we had the opportunity to work with two very talented interns. Making the transition from marketing our base platform to our virtual expo platform was no easy task. We had to set-up inbound sales funnels from Google and Facebook. …

Can we really define what it means to be “Human”?

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What does it mean to be human? I know by definition that I am a “human,” but what does it really mean to be a “human.” Apart from the obvious that you walk, talk, and appreciate art. …

An Introduction into the How to Be Human Series

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You’re at a party, engaged in a meaningful conversation when suddenly the person just walks away. You send the perfect text, and you don’t get a response. A group of people are talking politics, you don’t necessarily agree with what they are saying, but you bite your tongue and leave…

Baseball was and always will be my first love

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The phone rings. The bullpen coach picks it up. “34, go get hot.” I check my cleats one last time and head over to the bullpen mound. Tonight wasn’t like every other night at the yard. There was a different kind of electricity at T-Mobile Park on this cold October…

Another week in the books. More to come this week!

It was a solid week. We posted a lot of content out this week. I didn’t have a bunch of time to consume any content this week. The “How to Be Human Series” kicks off this week.

My Writing

Law of Least Effort — I really enjoyed The Seven Spiritual Laws of…

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