Across My Desk — August 9

Another week in the books. More to come this week!

It was a solid week. We posted a lot of content out this week. I didn’t have a bunch of time to consume any content this week. The “How to Be Human Series” kicks off this week.

Law of Least Effort — I really enjoyed The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. This post is my reflection on the law that I think applies the most to my life but is also the hardest to put into action.

47 Things that I won’t Take for Granted Post COVID — You would be surprised at the number of things that used to drive you nuts pre-COVID that you wish you could have to deal with now.

Why I Make Time for Sunsets — Taking time at the end of the day to close out your day is essential. I used the sunset as a reset button as I prepare for the next week.

Why don’t runners acknowledge each other when they run by? — This lack of sportsmanship is a pet peeve of mine. I kinda went in on some of the runners out in Santa Monica in this post.

New Music Friday 8/7 — Some huge hitters came out this week. I am so on the Punk Rock vibe again; it’s stupid.

The Fishing is Always Good, and Sometimes you Catch One — This one is a little reflective post about a line of wisdom that my grandpa imparted on me when I was growing up.

I have been on this wave of changing my content input. I try to follow accounts that provide value to my life. Here are a couple of accounts that are worth following.

Tom Bilyeu — Bilyeu covers entrepreneurship, life hacks, relationship advice, changing your mindset, and much more. His content is short. Often just a picture with some advice. He incorporates his wife in a lot of the relationship posts. Not hard to digest and always a welcome reminder to find ways to better your life.

David Goggins — This man is an absolute beast. I think I relate to him the most out of anyone that I follow for this kind of content. He is a no BS guy. He is going to get right to the point. He definitely won’t sugarcoat his wisdom. For those who want a kick in the ass while scrolling Instagram, Goggins is your guy.

Gary Vaynerchuk — A classic account to follow. I’m sure that most of you already follow Gary V. I love the way he produces content. It is easy to digest and gets right to the point. From entrepreneurship to changing your mindset, he provides all kinds of value to those who see themselves as go-getters.

It is finally here! We are posting the first part of the How to Be Human Series this week. This concept is going to be the basis of my blog from here on out. After the conclusion of the 30 posts in 30 days challenge, the ideas and concepts from this series will be the focal point of my posts. I will focus mostly on human connection, communication, and improving quality of life. I am super excited to get this going!

Short post today as I prep for the release. Have a great week, and look for How to Be Human on August 12th!



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Jacob Wells

Jacob Wells


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