Across my Desk — August 16th

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What Came Across My Desk This Week

Identical twin sisters announce they are both pregnant with identical twin brothers — hey, to each their own. So, I guess these couples met at a twin event, fell in love, got married together (was filmed for cable TV), live together, and are now pregnant together. I don’t know; this seems like a lot to me. I would have to assume there’s a lot of confusion and frustration living with two sets of twins in the same house, but maybe I’m wrong. Interesting read.

My Writing:

A Kid Can Dream: Coming out of the Pen — As a kid, I always had this dream growing up of making it to the big leagues. The same dream would play over and over; here is a look into that dream.


It just is. Get with it. I never stopped being angsty, so this gives me a great reason to act angsty again. I could not be more excited that there is a lot of new punk rock coming out here soon. I will have more on this, I promise.

The Week Ahead

This week is the final week of the 30 posts in 30 days challenge. Honestly, thank god. It has been tough to put out content consistently. There were days when I struggled to get anything out there. There will be a couple of reflections and lessons on that this week. That aside, we will be migrating the blog this week. I want the blog to be solely focused on ideas surrounding the theme of the How to Be Human Series. More on this soon.



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Jacob Wells

Jacob Wells


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