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New Music Friday 7/31

It’s the most exciting day of the week for multiple reasons. It’s the weekend. It’s the end of a long work week. And it’s new music release day. I guess technically all of the songs are released on Thursday night but whatever put up with it. It’s new music Friday. Music plays a big roll in my life so obviously every Friday you know that I am straight to Apple Music (haha ya I’m one of those) to find out what just came out.

Dance Music Only—

Cry by Gryffin & John Martin — A very typical Gryffin sounding song. He has been doing a lot of these songs recently where he is slowing down the BPMs to make it more of a pop song. Still really melodic. I love the John Martin pick. Martin has been a long time singer for dance music with songs with Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, and others.

Kingdom (Attlas Remix) by Arty featuring Conrad Sewell — I am a big fan of the original of this song. Arty is one of my favorite artists. His latest drop “From Russia With Love” is a new Arty sound that I really appreciate. It seems like a more advanced slightly darker sound than we are typically used to. This remix takes a very progressive house song and smooths it out to a nice house four to the floor beat. Attlas maintains the beauty of the song but definitely curbs what used to be a pretty aggressive drop.

Imagination (Yotto Remix) by Cassian featuring Tora — I recently came across Cassian for his remix of Treat You Better by Rufus Du Sol. He absolutely murdered that remix. I like his style of house isn’t too aggressive but you still feel like you get a drop worth throwing your hands up for. Mind you, I have recently got into more pure house. I still lean toward progressive house with legit drops. Tora is a perfect match for this song. The vocals fit right into the body of the song.

5 Seconds Before Sunrise by VER:WEST — This is one of Tiesto’s new songs from his VER:WEST project. It seems a lot of the DJs are breaking out straight house alter egos. Deadmau5 recently debuted Testpilot in 2019. Dillion Francis has messed around with DJ Hanzel and announced that he is planning on building him out more recently. This is definitely a different sound than we are used to hearing from Tiesto. You could tell that he was leaning this direction with his latest album The London Sessions. The melody feels somewhat like it could be from Miami Nights. For some reason, the sound just seems to sound “older.” Overall, I would say I am a fan, interested to see where this project takes Tiesto

Take Care of You (Jax Jones Midnight Snacks Remix) by Ella Henderson — Oh man does this have a nice driving bass. They take the bassline out of the song for a second. This is something that you could throw on and totally get lost in the bass line. I don’t think this makes it onto your main stage at sunset but it is a great opener to your main performance later. It’s either a early in the night song or a super late into the night song. Definitely not in the heat of the pregame. Overall, smooth.

Last Call by Michael Calfan — Super funky beat and melody combo. It works really nice together. Heavy loop usage in the song. I mean every EDM song is an 8 count loop but you can really tell that this song is looped. There is a variation in the main melody to keep it interesting. The intro to the song really grabs you. The drop has a heavy bass. The melody doesn't change much on the drop but the bass adds quite a bit of energy to the overall song. Super funky. Super groovy. Also check out Michael Calfan’s Resurrection, one of my favorite songs of all time.

No Time (RUFUS DU SOL Remix) by Lastlings & RUFUS DU SOL — Rufus took a song that had a driving baseline, pulled it out and added their own percussion in there. The replaced bassline gives the song more space. The old bassline seemed to override the melody of the song. The song has a very beautiful melody/vocal pairing. Sounds like classic Rufus.

Honorable (not Dance) Mentions:

What Could Possibly Go Wrong by Dominic Fike — Fike released his first studio album today. He messes with a lot of different genres of music. It’s an entertaining listen from cover to cover. I can always get down to Chicken Tenders

Not new music but songs I can’t stop listening to:

Back to You — Madison Mars

Ontas (Te Pago El Uber) — Leandro Da Sliva

Lift Me Up — Firebeatz, Schella, Oliver Heldens, Carla Monroe



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