New Music Friday — 8/21

Photo by Simon Noh on Unsplash

Mr. Brightside by Don Diablo — This seems to be a common theme recently remixing older tracks. I can get behind anything, Don Diablo. A little surprised, this song doesn’t drop with more emphasis. He incorporates a gorgeous layered melody.

i feel 2 much by blackbear — blackbear has a couple of songs on this album that are worth listening to. He shows his diversity across the whole album. I like this song as it is slower. The guy has pipes.

My Own Souls Warning by The Killers — The Killers have updated their sound. I started to realize this in their last album. It’s more of a feel-good vibe now. The Hot Fuss album was angsty and was a rock album. This new sound sounds a lot like Imagine Dragons. I’m not sure how I feel about it quite yet. I’ll have to listen to the album a couple of times.

Toulouse (2020 Edit) by Nicky Romero — Toulouse was one of the first EDM songs I downloaded when I started listening to the genre. He layers the build a lot more. The drop is “updated.” The original Toulouse had a “different” drop. It wasn’t one of my favorites. Overall, a significant improvement.

Kids by KSHMR — A remix, the classic MGMT song “Kids.” Truth be told, this song came out earlier in the week. Another remix to a classic song. Same great melody with a much harder drop with heavy bass. Real banger.

Without You by Deniz Koyu — Aside from some collaborations with Nicky Romero, I haven’t spent a lot of time listening to Deniz Koyu recently. Most of the Koyu songs in my playlist are his remixes to highly popular songs. This single is lower energy than I am used to in a Deniz Koyu song. The song has more of a house feel in comparison to his other very progressive house tracks.

Songs that still BANG:

6’s to 9’s [Day Wave Remix] by Big Wild — A beach playlist must

Worth It All by Man Cub & Tritonal — Beauty and Grace

This Is How We Do It (feat. Audien) by Party Pupils — A groovy house remix to a classic



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Jacob Wells


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